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Since Sewa Beats’ creation in 2000, almost 200 000 people have experienced our programs in 19 countries and 7 languages. Our services are now sought after by more than 100 multinational companies, business schools and NGOs all over the world.


Read what our clients have to say about Sewa Beats’ unique approach — transforming people and organizations through music and rhythm.



"Sewa Beats ran a great workshop for us, enabling us to really work at being a team, and providing immediate benefit to our business. They really love their work and this shows in the fun they bring to each session."

Martyn Bale, Director, Shell International


"I have been impressed by Sewa Beats' ability to deliver on promise and drive an audience of over 600 people to team up and achieve what seemed totally impossible to everyone of them before. This helped us a lot to get the members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork understand that together we are unbeatable".

Michel Clement, Senior Director, Oracle PartnerNetwork & Value Added Resellers Oracle EMEA


"You guys were amazing! You really raised the tempo of the conference, which was really great for re-energizing everyone and also, bringing the team together through harmonisation was excellent. Everyone is still chanting the song when the stress levels are rising in the office - fantastic fun! I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my colleagues within Kraft."

Carol McEvoy, Kraft Europe


"Sewa Beats became an integral part of our 2 day Enlarged Management meeting. Not only did they provide an excellent experience and demonstration of team work and cohesion, but they also helped us address some critical elements of project management in particular the importance of clear communication. I would like to thank them for their intervention and would certainly not hesitate in recommending them and their work."

Peter Van Bladeren, Nestlé RESEARCH Centre


"We've used them several times now and they keep coming up with the goods. The feedback from my staff after a session is hugely satisfying. We all feel that the sessions break down barriers between management and employees allowing for a new experience that helps us to look at business issues from a different angle. For example, individuals taking the lead was a very good way of highlighting leadership factors. I will continue to work with Sewa Beats on a regular basis."

Sean Meehan, Director MBA programme, IMD International


"Certainly a lot of the feedback that I got personally after the drumming was how amazed people were by how much energy was created -a lot of people had had quite early starts and given that there was a break before your session, energy levels were quite low. I had a wonderful time not only drumming myself, but seeing the faces of everyone in the room -their joy, excitement and pleasure -as Doug did what he does best and created a room full of achievement, success, creativity and challenge."

Sally Firth, Novar plc


"Some months ago I was impressed by an article about a company offering team-building activities using African Drumming. I had no doubt about trying it as soon as I had the opportunity, during a meeeting for the launch of a new business project that brings together sales forces that have been independent, into one single sales team. The response was fantastic. The drums fixed in a very fun way the amazing synergies and common bonds that exist inside all of us. And, of course, we will not forget how vital it is to follow the orchestra conductor in order to achieve a common rhythm: the principle of leadership."

Jaime Martínez Caraballo, Marketing Manager, Sebastian Professional, Spain


"The event was extraordinary. It helped reinforce team spirit, and more importantly, proved that if this spirit is well driven, it becomes easier to generate synergies and more efficient work input. If on top of that we add the fact that everyone enjoyed it... what could be better?"

Juan Carlos Prieto, SAPLA Accenture, Resources Partner


"Sewa Beats contribution to our meeting perfectly communicated the concepts of team-working, the ability to listen and leadership that we were looking for, in a very innovative and fun way. At the end of the workshop everyone was thrilled about being able to play the drums in a synchronized way, with the help of the energetic enthusiasm of the Sewa Beats team. This workshop has been the talk of the office for the past few days and was one of the best ever".

Enrique Barthe, Senior Manager, Communications and High Tech, Accenture Madrid


"It has been a pleasure for Adonix to work with Sewa Beats. The workshop they delivered totally fulfilled our expectations. Not only did it cover the entertainment aspect, but it also met the objectives we had defined for the event, which was to bring to the participants the concepts of team work, creating synergies when we work together and the achievement of goals."

Fabianne Ducarouge, Marketing and Communication Director, Adonix Group in Spain


"We organised a drumming session during our yearly sales motivation meeting and the response of the participants was great. They really enjoyed the fun and the unusual approach to team building and learning. Everyone was highly surprised at how it was possible to end the session by being able to achieve one piece all together, while having so much fun."

Olav L.Hoff, Marketing Director, Tupperware(Suisse) SA


"Within one hour we had managed to achieve the same rhythm. African music makes a hugely positive contribution to the development of teamskills . It enhances leadership skills as the conductor of the group shares with each of the participants his sensation of controlling the situation. It also fosters communication - during the workshop the participants exchange looks and share experiences without words. And above all, it makes teamwork develop like a musical composition - very naturally."

Montse Mateos, "Expansión & Empleo" Editor


"The session took place during the opening of our annual kick-off meeting. Nobody expected it, and after the initial surprise, people were really enthusiastic about it. The energy generated kept the mood positive for the rest of the day. At three in the morning, when the music and the drinks stopped, the 50 people who were still around spontaneously started singing the African song we had learnt that morning. Some were singing and the others responded with "oeooo, OEOO, oeoo, OEOOO"! They really were a synchronized team! If they'd had djembes near by, I reckon they would have played them non-stop until the next morning!".

Daniel Lorente, Marketing, Public Sector, Gedas Iberia


"Thank you very much for giving your time, energy and talent as a presenter at W.I.N. 2005. You contributed to making this yet another unique conference during which many women connected and joined hands to ensure positive leadership today for a brighter and more inclusive future. By participating and presenting, a great crowd of over 500 participants enjoyed three days of discussion, learning and networking during an event that was truly steps ahead of all others of its kind. "

Kristin Engvig, Founder and President Women's International Networking (WIN)


"By taking part in our Kick-Off meeting, Sewa Beats helped us communicate in a very different way the concepts of union, collaboration, empowerment and leadership. These are important concepts that we are looking for every day from all departments and professionals inside our organization and that we also apply to our technological projects. Undoubtedly, this has been a very gratifying and fun experience. From a professional point of view, it confirmed many of the positive aspects of IBdos, and consolidated the efforts we have been making lately at an organizational level, to develop a structure that is focused on the client."

Carlos Sanz, Marketing Director, IBdos


"Innovatica greatly appreciated working with Sewa Beats. The session took place at the end of the day on the company's birthday. Nobody was expecting it, but once the surprise was over all our employees showed a lot of enthusiasm. Your workshop met our expectations in all respects. From the recreational aspect we wanted right through to having the participants understand the concepts of working in a team, of listening to others and of leadership. Our thanks go to you for having allowed us to share such a good experience."

Sylvie Droz, Innovatica


"Sewa Beats were just sensational. With each beat of the drums, the emotion, the pleasure and the smile of Sewa Beatswent to our hearts. It was a real pleasure to feel African for a time. You feel so liberated, and it seems such a shame when it comes to an end. This was one of the most enrapturing experiences that I have come across. In short, it was a smash hit!"

Claudio Nauli, Managing Director, Rotunda Tours


"I can still remember the surprised and worried expressions on participants' faces when they entered the room full of drums. But as the session progressed, they were transformed: smiles gradually grew broad and their expressions became much softer. They were liberated - each from their own problems, I suppose things only they know about. (...) Everything was perfect, from the equipment being sent to Lanzarote down to the organisation and timing. The instructors were extremely professional, as well as being pleasant and well turned out. All in all: mission accomplished, and very satisfied end customer".

Mercedes Carrió, Team Manager, Teamspririt


"Our thanks to you for the session you ran for our future managers on the subject Workshops for Listening and Watching - Sound. The participants from the Management Group Seminar really appreciated your performance. Speaking on behalf of them and my team, we would all like to express our wholehearted appreciation."

Antonin Fotso, Training Director, Total

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