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Body percussion » aims to boost team work

a firm that helps motivate employees through group drumming sessions...

The Next Big Thing

Coporate drumming

Once more with feeling

Overcoming workplace cynicism and terminal embarrassment is essential if teambuilding events are to be effective. Sarah-Jane North looks at how to inject passion into the proceedings.

Musical Lessons in Management

Learning to drum could also improve your business skills.

African Drums give rhythm to corporate training

African drums, for centuries a means of communicating a birth to a nearby village, celebrating a wedding or part of the grieving ritual at funerals, have found a new role - corporate training.

Oracle beats channel drum

Oracle gathered more than 250 partners from 25 countries across MEA to its PartnerNetwork event in Dubai, to beat the drum (both metaphorically speaking and physically) about the massive channel opportunity in the region.

Gaining Real Insight through a different kind of training

Drumming - Gaining real insight through a different kind of training

How to spark the creative process

A course could offer your staff an insight into how to harness creativity best.

Is the rhythm gonna get you?

Alternative Training approaches can be stimulating, insightful and energising. Individuals
personal and work skills can be actively developed for the sake of the individual and the company
as a whole.

Our programmes

Inspiring, Connecting

Inspiring, Connecting

Sewa Beats works in innovative ways to

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Sewa Beats delivers high-impact

Team Building

Team Building

Connect people. Energize your team.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Sewa Beats invites you to lead the