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Conference speaking

Sewa Beats provides inspirational speakers for your conferences and corporate events.


Using African music and rhythm, we lead people and teams on a journey to discover their inner purpose in life. 

The result is enhanced leadership, creativity and collaboration, which underpins improved business efficiency.

Doug Manuel

Leading our speakers is Sewa Beats’ founder, Doug Manuel 

Inspiring and sometimes surprising, Doug uses not only words but also breath, space, body and music encouraging leaders and teams to bring their hearts and their purpose to what they do. 


Pascale Marcou

Director of Sewa Beats Spain, Pascale Marcou  is an expert in diversity (particularly gender diversity) and inclusion in the work place.

Her conferences combine her wealth of experience in this domain with mindfulness exercises, which allow individuals to explore what being an inclusive leader truly means.


Mamady Keita

We are especially proud to have the exclusive representation of Sewa Beats’ patron, the great African master drummer and teacher Mamady Keita


Do You Speak Djembe? for organisations

Bringing individuals and diverse teams together in the case of a merger, acquisition or other large-scale change is a challenge. We offer a unique way to help people share, collaborate and enhance cultural awareness at difficult times.


A Do You Speak Djembe? corporate event is based on our successful stage show with audience and performers joining together in an amazing collaboration of African drumming.


For organisations, the experience promotes Value Based Conscious Leadership and Collaboration. The result is unity and inclusiveness, as people learn to embrace differences positively and become connected.


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Connecting purpose to performance

The relentless pace in today’s organizations often leaves us little time to stop and ask ourselves: What do we stand for? Why do we do what we do? And yet a strong sense of purpose creates the foundation for high levels of engagement and professional performance.


Sewa Beats’ new programme provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on and connect more deeply with their purpose in life. And how it influences the way they work and communicate with those around them.


Led by Doug Manuel, this unique programme draws on a mix of rhythmic, musical and introspective activities. With the melodic backing of the kora (African harp) and through exchange with the talented musician Seckou Keita, participants also directly experience the embodiment of purpose in exceptional performance.

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Conference speaking

Conference speaking

Sewa Beats provides inspirational

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