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Sewa Beats invites you to lead the music.


We offer a unique experience — developing leadership through West African drumming. Sewa Beats programmes provide a safe but stimulating environment for participants to explore the different facets of successful leadership, practise key skills, develop their own leadership style, and identify areas for further development.

Leading drumming, leading teams

Leadership in the West African drumming tradition is highly participative and attentive to relationships among all drummers. Working with this metaphor, programme participants mirror professional leadership challenges and practise core skills for leading teams within an organization.


Exploring what leadership means

Creating and leading a unique piece of music require vision and strategy. An ability to respond to information coming from all directions, communicate with all senses. To show initiative, courage, creativity, authority.


As they lead the drumming, participants explore these elements, gaining insights into the essentials of successful leadership in their professional working environment.


Developing skills

In leading with drums, participants practise their own leadership skills and style. Orchestrating, delegating, inspiring, commanding. They have a chance to experiment, to play to their strengths but also to step into uncharted territory. And so learn to embody the leadership qualities and behaviours relevant to their own organization.


Revealing high potential

Our workshops enable participants to experiment in safety. Without being experts. To feel what it is like to lead and be led. To try new ways of working, to grow. And often to reveal strong leadership and management potential.


Developing tomorrow’s leaders

What is leadership?  Leadership comes from within us. It is born out of our intrapersonal qualities such as authenticity, empathy, vision, courage, and the ability to inspire others. It has to be discovered, rather than taught.

Leadership development is an integral part of any MBA or EMBA. Sewa Beats facilitates the discovery of true leadership through a workshop featuring engaging and energetic West African drumming.

The workshop is an ideal opening session for MBA or EMBA groups, guiding participants to discover their personal leadership style.

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Leadership Development

Sewa Beats invites you to lead the