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Stress Management

Is your company or organisation facing uncertainty, challenges or change?

Perhaps individuals and teams inside the organisation need ways to help them refocus, inside and outside the workplace?

Sewa Beats’ Stress Management (or Enhancing Focus) programme empowers people to rebalance their bodies and emotions, allowing them to feel purpose, grow, and enhance their performance. 

Performing in challenging times

At work and in life we face more and more demands. In the workplace, we feel the need to do things instantly. An overload of information, mergers or acquisitions, political and economic uncertainty, necessary change – all contribute.

The stresses on us are increasing, damaging individuals’ wellbeing, reducing the efficiency of teams, and ultimately putting pressure on businesses.

When this happens, people – colleagues, managers, leaders – end up doing more and more, and lose sight of how to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’. 


Enhancing mindsets, connecting positively

Sewa Beats’ Stress Management (or Enhancing Focus) program addresses today’s corporate challenges. Workshops for individuals and teams equip participants to keep their focus and to recover their inner resources.

The tools and attitudes introduced in the session can be used again and again to cope in difficult circumstances. 


A few of the many of the tools we use: 

      • Creating awareness of breathing

      • Releasing inner resources

      • Aligning emotions and body – heart and head

      • Being present, in the moment

      • Using and appreciating silence


Increasing mind-body awareness

Connecting to the body and to emotions, participants learn how to rely, and draw on their own inner resources. This workshop includes among other exercises, body percussion, breathing and the sharing of simple, joyful moments to promote collaboration.

Individuals and teams learn that with simple techniques they can rise to challenges and refocus on tasks.


Our Stress Management (or Enhancing Focus) program is suitable for any team of any size. 

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