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Team Building

Connect people. Energize your team. Break down barriers. Create collective synergy.


Sewa Beats offers high-energy team building for groups of all sizes. Creating music together — with drumming, singing or body percussion — participants listen, learn and draw on each other’s talents. The result: team unity and a strong feeling of personal and collective achievement.


Ideal for opening or closing events on an upbeat, re-kindling team spirit during an away-day or connecting and motivating new teams.

Creating a foundation for the future

Collective music-making can be an extraordinarily stimulating and effective way for teams to create a new foundation for future work together. People connect. Engaging in an enjoyable and energizing activity, playing with rhythm. Barriers of hierarchy crumble, communication and confidence grow.


Communicating differently

The rhythms of African drumming are new to many. But through active listening, feeling the rhythm and responding, every team member contributes to the music. Participants explore new, non-verbal ways of communicating.


Being rather than doing

Today’s high-pressure work environment emphasizes doing, delivering and deadlines. A Sewa Beats team building workshop creates space for being, not just doing.


Participants experience the power of rhythm — not just the drum beats themselves, but the silence between beats. They can be fully present, be themselves, learn about themselves. And so contribute more effectively in a team.    


Creating group success

By working together with rhythm and music, participants develop skills both individually and as a group.  They learn to appreciate and complement each other’s talents. And live the experience of working in harmony. Mirroring the ways in which each individual can contribute to team success in the workplace.

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Team Building

Team Building

Connect people. Energize your team.

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